Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't Mess With Chuck

And now for the newest felt creation: Chuck Norris.

Wearing his Action Jeans.

Inspired by this little gem:

He's up on Etsy if you'd like one for yourself or a loved one. Or an a warning.
Also, I don't think I ever showed you a custom order I did. A friend of a friend contacted me and asked if I would make Hurley from lost.
I think he turned out okay considering I stopped watching that show after the first season. I don't mind cliff hangers or unanswered questions but I felt like it was just taunting me with all its mysteries.
If you want a custom order you can also get that at Etsy. I'm up for the challenge. I'll do just about anything, so long as it makes me laugh. And remember that I won't be able to make these for three months because the World's Largest Felt Collection doesn't travel well. So if you're thinking stocking stuffer, think fast before my esty shop goes on vacation.

1 comment:

Rach said...

I love your felt creations. I love them. Hurley is fantastic, and the action jeans Chuck is also fabulous. You are a fountain of talent.