Friday, July 30, 2010

Grumpy Ice Cream Counter Girl

(Nope. I'm still stumped for words. Gah! But I feel like the only thing that really cures writers block is to write so I should just give it a shot and apologize up front. Your refund check is in the mail.)

Katie and I went out to dinner with some fun folks (People of Chino and Surrounding Areas: Go to Honolulu Harry's on the north west side of the 60 on Central and order the sweet potato stacks. I'm telling you this because 1.) I love you and the Bluebird of Happiness will take up permanent residence in your heart after the first bite and 2.) it is always a little sparse in the restaurant and I'm terrified that they will close down and then where will I get my sweet potato stacks. I tried to recreate them once and it was moderately successful but not nearly as scrumptious. Save the Stacks! Where was I? Oh right.) and after dinner we could not resist the draw of Rite-Aid right across the street and a Thrify's ice cream cone. You try and resist. Admit it, you can't.

So we went in and were served by the Grumpiest Ice Cream Counter Girl on the Planet. She was so grumpy that we had to make up a story about why she was so grumpy just to help us get over how surly she was, and also what a bad ice cream scooper she was. The ice cream just sat on top of the cone - when everyone knows that you're suppose to shove it down into the cone so that the ice cream makes the cone just a little soggy and that final bite is super awesome because the ice cream has filled in the grid at the bottom.

I just got distracted from the thought of ice cream cones. Sorry. We decided that she was in the last hour of her 8 hour shift and she had cramps and everyone was being really wishy-washy with their ice cream orders, like "How about rainbow sherbet, or maybe black cherry, no rainbow sherbet. But I do really like vanilla. Do I want a cone or a cup? A cone. No a cup. No, a cone. But a cake or sugar cone? Maybe a waffle. Did I decide on rainbow sherbet?" And have you noticed that the people who most often can't make up their mind are usually struggling over the grossest flavors. Black cherry? Bleh. So by the time we got there she had had enough. She was done with people and done with ice cream and the cramps were killing her and she had to be back to work at 8 the next morning to do it all over again and the last thing she needed was some smart alecky girl acting all put out that there is no rocky road left. (Although, seriously, no rocky road?)

So by the time I got home I actually did feel a little sorry for her even though we had made the whole thing up. Working with cramps (imaginary or not) is a drag.


Anonymous said...

so funny! My first job was at a sandwich shop and we used to laugh so hard at how indecisive people could be about their choice of lunchtime cold cuts. Seriously. It's just a sandwich! Order already so we can get back to discussing if I should go out with him or put it off for another day, and so we can read our magazines and order our lunch from McDonalds.

samandholly said...

Ha! Black Cherry is my absolute favorite Thrifty ice cream flavor. I get it EVERY time.

Rach said...

I used to scoop ice cream. The day that girl was having was like every day I worked there, but the fact that I could sample the ice cream any time always cheered me up after a crabby old lady waffled over the Cherry Nut Divinity and the Pineapple Sugar-free Ice Milk. So what was that girl's deal?

sarahgurl said...

every time I visit Chino I go to HH. I too have tried to recreate the stackers but with zero luck! THEY ARE DIVINE

Laura said...

I LOVE the part of the cake cone that gets all soggy! I have actually made quite an art of achieving that on purpose. Here’s my method in case any wants to achieve cake cone perfection!

Equipment needed: A small ice cream scoop (1-2 ounce), Normal sized ice cream scoop, cake cone, ice cream.

Instructions: Scoop up some ice cream in the small scoop and put down in the bottom of the cone by the little grid. Gently shove it down into the grid as best as you can. Next, get another one of the small scoops and put it right on top of the last. Use that second small scoop to shove the first scoop even further into the grid. Then, if you’re feeling particularly in the need for some extra sogginess, put that part of the cone (with the two mini scoops) into the microwave for approximately 2-3 seconds to get it all good and melty into the grid. Lastly, use a normal sized scoop to put some on top and enjoy.

Oh the time you get to the grid...heavenly!! The last bite is amazing!

The Katzbox said...

The last bite of the ice cream cone that is soggy with ice cream is the celestial bite. You have to earn it. Laura is a member of the Church of the Last Bite. Bravo.

I too am typically drawn to a Rite-Aid, or CVS, or any other drug store. My family knows this. I've done it for decades. And this is why:

I always always always come out of the store:




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