Thursday, July 15, 2010

Other People

How about I talk about other people for a change:

1.) Like my lovely friend Amanda.


Oh, man is she going to be excited when she reads this. Let me tell you a little something about Amanda and winning. She loves to do it. And she will go to great lengths for it. We were once at a bridal shower together and playing that game with the pins on the shirt and if you're caught crossing your legs or saying the word bride or marriage or love you have to give it away to the person who caught you and the person at the end with the most pins wins (have I mentioned how much I HATE bridal shower games?) and Amanda spent the entire time hounding people about it. "Did you just cross you're legs? It looks like you almost did. Why don't you just give me your pin." Finally everyone just started giving her their pins so she could win. I love her with all my heart and I'm thrilled that she won without any harassment.

2.) I will also mention my dear friend Valerie who believes, and rightly so, that every t-shirt has a story. So she started a blog about it and as expected, because it's Val, it's pretty clever. Valerie and her family win the prize for People Whom I've Known and Liked the Longest Outside of My Own Family. The Knechts and Appels go way way way back. And when we're all eternal neighbors in heaven you're going to want to live on our block.

3.) How about I tell you about Rac and her adventures with Flat Rachel. Or you can just read about them on her blog. I should warn you that there was a tragic accident that called for emergency surgery. Naturally it also called for treats. And she took her to see Eclipse, which was generous, as I would probably never take her. Rac is the Fun Aunt!

4.) I will end with this sweet story from the Pod. The place is crawling with old people. I'm talking really, really old. These two olds came in and announced that they were celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Four months, that is. They had been dating for 25 years and he kept asking and she kept saying no but finally, after they had both turned 80, she said yes. So they tied the knot in March and celebrate every single month because, in his words, "We may not live to see a year." They were like teenagers, only more cute and less annoying. I wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home with me.


Rach said...

1. Some day I will win a Rachel felt creation. Congrats to Amanda. And I hate those games, too. Especially the one with the pins.

2. I've recently gotten into fun T-shirts. I got tired of plain, solid T-shirts. So now I have an Oscar the Grouch T-shirt, a Lemonhead T-shirt, a Lite Brite T-shirt, and a Cookie Monster T-shirt. And that's my story.

3. I have always wanted to be the Fun Aunt. Thanks. I hope Flat Rachel had a good time, even if she lost her foot for a few minutes.

4. I love that old people love story.

Amanda said...

WAHOOO!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Wow!! I'm so glad that I won. I've been on a book reading kick lately and can't wait to read with Mr. T. No greater honor!
Have I told you about the time that we were spinning a wheel for free fireworks and I totally tried to take advantage of the fact that little kid was in charge. I tried to cheat, so I could win a big firework. It wasn't one of my shinning moments. John was appalled that I would do such a thing, so I took back the cheat. I remember that Bridal Shower. AND it's a good thing I won because I still use that bag and flip flops that I won. I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as appreciated by someone else!!