Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alright! I'm reading the Hunger Games! Are you happy now?

With so many of you recommending The Hunger Games I was afraid that it would be on the Twilight side of things. That side being infested with angsty glances and too many adjectives. Not that I don't trust your judgement but I am suspicious of books that EVERYONE loves.

But you were right. Tammy went the extra mile (literally) and brought it and its sequel over for me to read yesterday and I'm finding it very difficult to put down. I even turned off the All-Star game to read it. And that is saying something. Don't be alarmed though. I turned it back on to see the National League win. Woot!

In other baseball news, George Steinbrenner died today and I can't think of him without thinking of Seinfeld. Let's all have a calzone in his honor.


samandholly said...

My rule for reading is that if there are more than three adjectives in the first two sentences, I'm out!

Rach said...

I have these books on my list, after I finish the ones I already checked out from the library. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.