Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Note from the fair

Since I can't make it to the LA County Fair this year (sad) Katie, Liz and I ventured into Orange County to try out their fair. There wasn't ice cold chocolate milk or a Big Yellow Slide. I'd give it a B-.

But it did have other fair type stuff that made up for it.


Wee Baby Piglets!!!!

Folks, it took all my will power to not leap over the fence and shove one in my purse.


Famous works of art made out of food!

The Vegetable Mona Lisa:

And David out of Butter

There was also the Birth of Venus done up in white chocolate.

And here's a question. Did any of you know that brussel sprouts grow like this:

We saw the sign and had to go in for a closer look.


We split a deep fried Klondike Bar (now the song is stuck in your head, isn't it. What would you do-oo-oo...).

And I found a sun hat that fits my head. I know. Miracle.

I didn't leave with a spa or a speed boat or a piglet but I'd still call it a good day at the fair.


In other somewhat relatable news (that being Things to Do In Orange County) - For those of you locals (or soon to be visiting these parts) who want to see World of Color at Disney's California Adventure I will do you a solid and say don't waste your time. Katie and Lindsay risked their lives and eternal salvation to get us fast passes to it yesterday and then we waited for what seemed like days and endured much of that time crammed next to a pack of smelly Italian teenage boys just to get what we thought was a decent spot on the viewing deck, only to have it marred by freakishly tall people with children on their shoulders. The bits that we could see were lame.


Taryn said...

Ok so that brussel sprout picture is nasty. I will never eat one again (not that I eat them now).

Laura said...

I did know about brussel sprouts...I saw it on an episode of Gilmore Girls once, that's the only way I know!!

So sad about the LA Fair...I hope someone else will be willing to go on the slide with me this year!

Stephanie said...

I've seen much prettier brussels sprouts - but yes, I knew! No hating on the brussels, they are super yummy!

Baby piglets make me want to squeal with little girly squeals, too! They are seriously cuter than rainbows.

The Katzbox said...

Thanks for the heads up on the World of Color. I have issues with teens anyway. I admire your restraint regarding NOT stabbing them with poisoned sewing needles. Nice job.

Piglets are cute. Plus, the word "piglet" is adorable. Actually, almost anything with a "let" at the end is cute. puplet, kitlet, goatlet, birdlet, tho lizardlet lacks the cute "punch".


word of the day: millaggl

Heath said...

I'm sad I missed your fair trip...I had totally forgotten to make the connection between you leaving and the LA County Fair. I was about to call the ladies because I just got the discount ticket order form. I hope Flat Rachel is here for the trip. (Ladies--who's in?)

I had a different experience with World of Color--I loved it! I've seen it twice and fully intend to go back soon. Maybe multiple times. Although I did not have to endure a pack of smelly Italian teenagers, so that could have been the difference. And we were in the front row.

Word of the day: emorysto.
I know what emo is, but what would rysto be? Something similar to a resto (Dictionary.com: a restored antique, vintage car, etc)? Awesome.