Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I wonder if they sell Dodger muumuus.

1.) Tonight I went to my monthly stitching group where we sat around knitting and sewing and gabbing and on Friday I am going to the Dodger game with a bunch of women to knit (It's called Stitch and Pitch. As if I could miss something like that.) and last Sunday I played Canasta with my dad and Camille and at the fair on Saturday I was this close to buying a muumuu. It will be my birthday in 2 weeks and I will be turning 81.

2.) I wrote an email to Bronwyn this morning and admitted to her - and now to you - that one of my most recent panicky fears I have about flying out to Tunis is that I will leave my passport in New York and be stuck in Montreal where I will be mercilessly taunted by French Canadians. I have an irrational suspicious on French Canadians. I blame all those LM Montgomery books I read in my youth.

3.) I have just emerged from a three day book coma. That's when you put all of life on hold instead of putting down a book. I finished it and instantly realized how hungry I was because I had skipped so many meals to keep reading.


Kelly said...

I loved that book too. Good luck with the Canadians!

Rach said...

Just tuck that passport in your bra and that puppy's not getting left anywhere. I was kind of afraid of the same thing (although I was afraid of being stuck in Russia and having to use squat pots for the rest of my life), so I got one of those under-the-clothes purse thingies to keep my passport in. So far, so good. Regular toilets all around. Get a muumuu. I won't judge you. I wouldn't mind one either.

Bronwyn James said...

Does "muumuus" really have that many U's in it? I dig it.

Chris served his mission in Montreal. He says you're right not to trust Canadians. I think the passport-in-the-bra idea is just the thing. I'd love to watch you pull it out in front of the passport agent and wipe it on your pants before you hand it to him.

Brooklynn said...

It's okay to mistrust French Canadians. Any people with that kind of accent is subject to suspicion.