Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You have a birthday, shout hoo-Rachel

When I tell you that your newborn is adorable what I'm really saying is that I'm positive she will look adorable in a few days once she has grown out of her alien life form stage. I know from whence I speak:

(Wee Baby Rachel Just Hours Old)

This picture looks like I'm about to punch you in the face...except that I can't see your face because I have teeny slits for eyes.

It's been a very low-key birthday, which was a nice change. I love my birthday (duh, cake and presents) and I generally like to make a big deal out of it but things have been slightly overwhelming lately so I just decided to let things play out and it has been lovely. Some wonderful gifts have come my way.


1.) Hostess Chocolate Donettes - my all-time favorite non-ice cream bad for you treat - from Katie for breakfast.

2.) The folks at the Pod took me out to lunch to a local Mexican dive. I think my body is realizing that the chances of there being a taco stand in Tunis are slim so I has been craving it 24/7. If you're in the mood for chips and salsa and are looking for someone to indulge with you, I'm your senorita.

3.) The State Department sent me my passport - which is a win for both of us because it means I can get on the plane in two weeks and they don't have to receive screeching phone calls from me every day for those two weeks. Thanks, State!

4.) Andrea sent me a packet of Testamints. To help me make friends on the plane. I laughed so hard when I opened the package that I choked on my OtterPop.

5.) My favorite guys sent a birthday greeting.

6.) Chris sent me a text that said, "Hoo-Rachel!" My parents have given me a lot of wonderful things, but among the greatest is a name that can be made into an exclamation.

7.) The Blessed Nephews called and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Which is seriously the Best Thing Ever. Ben got on the phone and said, "Hi, Rachel. We just wanted to call you to say happy birthday." Like he's 30 or something. And then Tom got on and said, "a-ee u-ay" Which is "happy birthday" but the kid has an aversion to consonants.

Here is where I get all sentimental and weepy and tell you that I feel very, very blessed to have such fun and thoughtful people in my life. I'm a lucky girl.

Thanks for a great day, everyone. Let's do it again in a year. This time with Slurpees.


Kelly said...

Glad you had a great day! Have a happy year.

Rach said...

Happy birthday. I failed. But your card is in the mail, so at least there's that. I'm glad you had a good birthday. Hoo-Rachel indeed.

Andrea said...

I'm glad you liked your gift. Seriously, I find stuff and think, "Rachel would love this!" Then I buy it and anxiously wait for your birthday. :)

colleeeen said...

Tacos in Tunisia - simple! Take whatever the local grilled meat is, put tomatoes & onions on top of it (or the local equivalent of salsa), and wrap it in the closest thing to a tortilla that you can track down over there. When you come back, you can go into business with a Tunisian taco truck - like Kogi, but north African instead of Korean! Mmmm. I'd eat it.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Colleen - it's an adventure to figure out the local "taco" but you'll find it and love it.

Happy Birthday to an amazing person! Hoo-Rachel indeed.

Bronwyn James said...

I'm thrilled to tell you that as an elite member of the U.S. Embassy Commissary I have access to salsa, tortillas, cheddar cheese and taco mix. I can't promise they will rival Southern California Mexican food though. The very thought makes me want to come visit you instead. Could you pack a few tacos in your bags for me?

Hal/Robbie/Pa said...