Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm glad I can now throw that doll away

1.) I'm feeling punchy today. All day long I've had to play the Glad Game to stop myself from kicking puppies and small children. Things I'm glad about include: Sonic slushes, my new 15 minute morning routine of switching between reruns of Gilmore Girls and America's Next Top Model while I eat my cereal, 80 degree weather in August, after 3 months finally correctly reconciling one of the Pod's bank accounts on Quickbooks (I looked around for someone to high five when it happened but there wasn't anyone so I shimmied a bit and high fived myself.)

2.) I have a theory about this punchiness: it's August and I believe that August (though wonderful because therein lies my birthday. On Tuesday I want you all to go out and have an ice cream cone in my honor.) is a tricky month. We love it because it's all beach trips and lemonade and baseball games and good old summertime fun. But it's also the end of summer and we've just spent the last 3 months out of our normal everyday routine. You know how at Disneyland you see all those kids in hysterics around 10pm? They've been in too many lines and they've had too much junk food and they've had their picture taken with too many characters and by 10pm it's way past their bedtime but they're struggling to stay awake because they've had so much fun and they don't want to miss anything but what they really want is a nap. That's what August is like.
3.) Speaking of too much fun, Teresa invited me to go with a group from her yarn shop to the Stitch and Pitch at Dodger Stadium on Friday night. This is where 80 year old women get together to knit while watching a game. Hysterical. We were all clustered together in one section and the people in the next section over were mystified by all of us busily knitting and purling in between pitches.
Here's some of the group.

And here's a lady with a weird jungle jacket. This has nothing to do with knitting, I just thought it was a funny jacket.

And here's our goody bag. (Note to Teresa: I was this close to putting that in quotes but stopped myself just in time. But if there was ever a time to use them, this would be it.)

It's a knitting bobble head doll. Lame. My initial reaction was to leave her under my chair when I left the stadium but I brought her home because I felt like you all needed to see her. We knew that there would be a goody bag and we were expecting something like yarn or needles or cute place holders or a free pattern for a beanie with your teams logo on it. You know, something knitters would appreciate and use. Instead we got this thing that is an affront to all knitters/baseball fans who would never be caught dead with a team jersey tucked into their mom-jeans. Plus, she has a terrifying face. I had to turn her around at night because I knew that if I woke up and found her staring at me I'd wet the bed.
Here's a close up. So we can all have nightmares together.

4.) I'm glad I can now throw that doll away.


Kelly said...

That is one crazy jacket and one scary doll! Thanks for making me laugh.

Amanda said...

I tried to comment last night, but somehow it couldn't. I need you to keep that doll! I think it is so great! It needs to become the new Christmas sweater. Iit could even replace your flat Rachel. Wouldn't that be great for your bobble head to travel the world? I personally love her! Wish I was there to knit with you guys. I would of course have been crocheting, but still. I think we need to name her.

Rach said...

I LOVE that there is a group that knits at baseball games. Is there one that crossstitches? Because I could really go for that. I wonder what kind of creepy bobble head doll they'd do for a crossstitching group. Yikes.

I also love that you are also watching those reruns in the mornings. I record mine and watch them while the kids are taking naps. It's a nice way to relax.