Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

We went to another sing-along at the Music Center last night. I'm just going to throw this out there and don't think too much about it because I say stuff like this all the time but I'm pretty sure that sing-alongs are my most favorite summertime activity ever. Please take into consideration that I say the same thing about going to Dodger games and the Hollywood Bowl and beach trips. Basically anything that is outdoors and involves music and/or hot dogs is a winner in my book.

There was dancing and shimmying and we belted the high notes and, in my groups case, wore party hats and ate cupcakes (Happy Birthday Week!!) and made up hand motions to "Tomorrow" and when they told us that the time was up we mutinied and wouldn't leave until we had sung the remaining 6 songs. It should not surprise you that people who make the drive into downtown LA on a Friday evening and wait in line for an hour to sing a bunch of show tunes are highly dedicated to the cause and will not be deterred.

I am officially inviting you to the Christmas Sing-Along on December 17th. And if you're feeling really adventurous, come to the Messiah Sing Along at the Nixon Library on November 28th (my Welcome Home Weekend. You can give me a hug and I can put you into a coma with tales of my exotic travels.) They suggest we wear baroque costumes but I say we get crazy and wear matching Christmas sweaters.


DebraLynn said...

I've never heard of a Sing-Along other than the DVD versions they make for kids. That sounds like fun to me. Of course I am watching Fiddler on the Roof as I type this, so that says something about my preferences.

Chris and Gina said...

I have a Christmas vest, if you're interested. :)

Laura said...

Friday night was such a good time! Except for a few of the songs they really could have left off the list, like "'Til There Was You"! However, I did enjoy dusting off my Opie lisp to do "Wells Fargo Wagon"! And for those of you who know me...know that I shimmied! Yes, I did!!

Rach said...

How is it that I have never been to a sing-along with you? This is just as bad as our barfing curse. Or maybe even worse. I guess going to the Bon Jovi concert together was kind of like a sing-along, except that instead of people who share a love of broadway, we were surrounded by people who share a love of beer and mullets. Good times!