Thursday, August 19, 2010

It can also remove bunions when the doctors aren't available

The Pod has a big, fat, fancy copy machine that can fax and scan and tap dance and do your taxes and bake the perfect pie and whistle the 1812 Overture and soothe crying babies and whittle blocks of soap into scale sized replicas of Notre Dame.

But we just use it for copying. It also makes an excellent shelf for file folders when there is no more counter space.

We lease this thing for an outrageous monthly fee and yesterday I got a call asking about a payment that was made.

A transcript of the conversation:

Me: So how much do we owe you?
Leasing Lady: $460
Me: Can I pay over the phone?
Leasing Lady: Sure...Oh wait, it may be more.
Me: Why?
Leasing Lady: Well, your property tax is due next month.
Me: Our property tax?
Leasing Lady: Yes.
Me: On what?
Leasing Lady: The copier.
Me: We pay property tax on a machine that copies?
Leasing Lady: Yes.
Me: Why?
Leasing Lady: (Goes into this bloated explanation that I'm pretty sure she was making up.)
Me: So you're telling me that you and the government consider this machine to be a piece of taxable property?
Leasing Lady: That's right.
Me: Like a parcel of land?
Leasing Lady: Yep.
Me: Well, that's a pretty cruddy view we have from it. Maybe you could install a water feature to spruce it up.
Leasing Lady: That doesn't make any sense. Why would we do that?
Me:, never mind. How much is the tax?


Bronwyn James said...

What the?! Who knew.

Your baby picture is adorable by the way, though in my estimation there is no cuter picture than the one of you as a toddler with the squinty eyes. SO ADORABLE.

samandholly said...

Do you at least get to claim it as rental property on the income taxes?

Hannah said...

I feel surprisingly strongly about the fact that you must pay so much for owning a copier. It's just...copiers, no matter how great, aren't that great! They break! And get jammed! And run out of ink! They just seem so expensive anyway...why make them WORSE by having to pay taxes on them???

Rach said...

Taxes. On. A. Copier. Are you kidding me? I love it when you post conversations you have with ridiculous people. And the best part was your mention of a water feature. It's no wonder they have you do this phone business for them.