Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear Nancy Bea

Dear Nancy Bea Hefley - Organist for the Los Angeles Dodgers,

So I took a tour of the stadium yesterday.  It was pretty spectacular.  We went up to the press box. 

Here's my view if the Times wants to give me a job as a sports writer.

We went to the luxury suites and choked when our tour guide told us they cost $4000-$6000 per game.  Incidentally, our tour guide had the most obnoxious laugh.  Camille and I like to play a game called "The Most Obnoxious Laugh" where we try to top each other with fake laughs.  It's hysterical fun.  Seriously, try it, you'll be in a fit within 30 seconds.  Our tour guide would win in a landslide.

Anyway, back to the tour.  We walked the halls and saw all sorts of cool memorabilia - including some World Series trophies.

There's me in the dug out.  Yep, the one where the players hang out. 

This picture makes me think of the first time I was at Dodger Stadium.  It was a day game and I was 7 or 8 and all I can remember from it is green grass and blue skies and sunshine and palm trees.  Heaven.

We also sat in the fancy club seats where Tommy Lasorda sits (also Frank McCourt.  Had I been chewing on gum I would have left it on his seat.)  And walked along the warning track.  We couldn't walk on the grass (no worries, I've done it before) but we could take all the pictures we wanted.

Here's a fun one. 

It's me sitting at your organ!  Dream come true!  When we started the tour I just wanted to do two things - go to the dug out and sit at your organ.  Check and check!  I didn't know we couldn't sit on the bench nor did I know we couldn't touch the organ, both of which I did.  I hope you don't mind. I was very respectful.  I'm showing you this picture because I want to let you know I'm gunning for your job.  My qualifications are:  10+ years as an organist at church and my unwavering love of baseball and the Dodgers.  Also, I can knit, which I was told you do to pass the time when you're not playing.  So, work as long as you want.  Retire when you're 80.  But just know that when you're out, I'm in.  

With love from a fellow organist,


P.S. I've always wanted your job but finding out that one of the perks is all you can eat nachos and Dodger Dogs makes me wish you would retire tomorrow.

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Rach said...

If, no, when you become the Dodger organist, I will be there for your first game. Which will probably be my first pro baseball game. I expect a few free Dodger dogs, though.