Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girly Things

At book club tonight it struck me that what we talk about is exactly what men imagine large groups of women talk about.  That is:  bras, cramps, chocolate, labor and boobs.  We also talk about other things, like the book, but we will always come back around to those 5 standards.  I'm not ashamed.  Because we always have such a grand time. 

Tonight, we were discussing Persuasion and the topic turned to the various adaptations.  The best is the 1995 Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root version.  Do not try to convince me otherwise.  But the more recent and substandard BBC version came up, which meant that I had to do my impersonation of Anne Elliot as she races across Bath, leaping over baskets and invalids in the street, in search of Captain Wentworth.  A scene which, by the way, did not happen in the book because it would have been a scandal.  What Jane Austen heroine ever ran - except for perhaps Harriet Smith when she's being pestered by the gypsies.  No, it is too ridiculous.  Anyway, all that sprinting ends with The Most Awkward Kiss in Cinematic History.  Naturally we had to pull out the copy and show everyone:

Oh, how we howled.  We shrieked and cringed and howled with laughter. 

And then we ate PMS Brownies and talked about boobs some more.


Mariah said...

You, my dear, are spot on. If we ever get together we WILL have plenty to talk about.

Kelly said...

Awkward kiss indeed my dear.

Rach said...

Next time you're in town you MUST join us for girls' night. We cover all 5 topics and paint our toenails. It's very girly. And you would be a joy to have there. And about that kiss. Teeth first! Ack. Super awkward.

Liz the Poet said...

Book club is awesome!

I love the chating, the food themes, and our mascot!

And the books, natch.

Liz the Poet said...

Can we just pretend that I spelled "chating" "chatting"?


Mary P said...

Oh my, I must not have been paying attention when I saw that kiss the first time. SO PAINFUL.

Why ruin one of the MOST ROMANTIC passages in literature with blah blahness.

Yes, that's me in a snooty huff.

They slighted Fredrick Wentworth's letter. THE LETTER. The letter that you read when you're home sick in bed and need an injection of lovely. Or when you're up late balling your eyes out over a book that ends sadly, and need the happy shot to go to sleep on.

The letter you plan on printing out and framing to put in your literature themed room in your future home.

That letter.

Valerie said...

Listen, I know these 19th century girls were no athletes, but, seriously, how long could it possibly take to catch your breath? She's huffing like she just ran a four minute mile. What's with that.

Ugh, that kiss. I've never seen this, and I'll always hold you responsible for ruining every subsequent reading of this book for me. Who edited this? That guy is the real villain. He couldn't have cut that dying fish routine down a little bit?

p.s. I ALWAYS thought Captain Wentworth (the good one) was played by Alan Rickman. I guess I haven't seen it in a while, but, to learn otherwise (like, just now) was quite a shock.

Emily said...

I am fairly certain that Elizabeth Bennett outruns Jane at the end of Pride and Prejudice when they run to find Mr. Bennett in the garden with his letter from Mr. Gardner. This, as stated in the book, is because she is more accustomed to running.
I may be has been a long time since I've read it.

Anonymous said...

What the death rattle of a fish was she doing with her mouth??