Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Noses Knows

After one hour of sitting in a room full of women wearing perfume the skin around my lips and eyes started to get tight and tingle, my cheeks were hot, my throat burned, my eyes felt fuzzy, my head hurt, and worst of all, the deep inner ear itch set in.  And even hours after I can still smell it.  It's like a bad house guest has moved into my nostrils.

Wolverine has awesome claws for his mutant power.  I have a nose.


Valerie said...

Le sigh. Me too. It's a curse sometimes.

Rach said...

I get a super sniffer when I'm pregnant, but instead of all that itchiness and fuzziness and misery that happens to you, it just triggers my gag reflex. Unless it's Gain detergent. Then I just want to dive my nose right into the box. I hope you were able to get some fresh air fast after the broadcast (I'm guessing that's where all that perfume was). Just reading about it makes me want to step outside and take a deep breath.

Tessy said...

I get that feeling just being around my sister... wow, her perfume burns my nose hairs off! And that's just ONE person.