Monday, September 19, 2011

The Woman of Elegant Leisure Strikes Again

Did you hear I'm looking for work...again.  Ugh.  My time at the Pod came to an end a few weeks ago.  I miss everyone there, but I do not miss, among other more serious things which we will not discuss, the smell of old people or the occasional glimpse of a foot that looks like meatloaf.  (Have I mentioned to you to avoid diabetes like the plague.  Because I think it may actually be a plague.  Like toads and locusts type of plague.  Egad, the horror.)  It was a good run, and I knew it would only be temporary and, let's face it, what other job would let me flit off to Africa for 3 months and still welcome me back with open arms?  The answer is:  no other job.  So I'm grateful for the time there, but do so miss a regular income. 

Being back on the job hunt has reminded me how much I hate the job hunt.  Mostly because it feels like an enormous waste of time.  You're basically spending a lot of time putting out feelers and sending out resumes and filling out online applications that take all morning to complete (read: this morning).  Only to hear nothing but your bank account gasping for breath in the distance.  I recognize the importance of all this effort (I went for an interview last week and the guy gave me an A. Like, he literally wrote it on the top of my resume.  I high fived myself!) and I certainly put the time in but it gets old not seeing a whole lot of results.  Also, did you know how many scam job postings there are on Craigslist?  Possibly a gajillion. 

So, there's that.  But there's also the joy of a free schedule.  I love going to the grocery store in the morning with the other old ladies.  I love going to gym when the gym rats aren't there to disturb my workout with all their grunting and preening.  I love writing a little itinerary out for myself every night (8:00 am, make breakfast, 8:30 am make something funny out of felt, etc.) and checking things off my to-do list.  One day the Wealthy Benefactor will come along and he'll be amazed at how well I fill my leisure time.  I'm a pro at it.


Kelly said...

Good luck in your job hunt! I am with you on the leisurely activities being no problemo to find time for.

Stephanie said...

If there is anyone who can find something positive about finding a job, it is you. I do not like job hunting. I'm hoping you find something a little more long term and a little less meatloaf-y.

Rach said...

Oh no! No more secret room! And no more gross feet, either. I hope you find a job with a magically wonderful boss that loves you and treats you to lunch on a regular basis. I also hope you really enjoy the leisure time. As a woman of elegant leisure, I truly enjoy the shorter lines at the store, the time I have to craft, and the time I have to read your fabulous blog.

Emmy said...

Rachel. . please don't think I'm strange or that this is one of the gagillion scams. . but, I was just hired as the regional sale manager for a team who finds new contracts for credit card services. I am looking for reps in Southern CA and it can totally be temporary. . I know you're over qualified. . .but. . . well, if it pays the bills! :) My email is emmykb @ hotmail email me if you have any interest. Em (p.s. you made the A-Team pillow case for me last Christmas. It still makes smile. Just wanted you know that I'm THAT Emily.)