Thursday, December 6, 2007

David Hasselhoff = Christmas!

You all saw the Dwight stocking I made for Casey.

Well, here's Camille's:

Oh man. I love this stocking so much! Making this was hours and hours of pure joy and hysterical giggling. I couldn't stop laughing when I cut out the speedo or put the hair on his chest or during all three attempts at the perfect hair-do. I want to quit my job and make Hasselhoff stockings all day long. I would love to take credit for the BRILLIANT idea but it was all Sam, the Original Idea Man. I owe you, Sam. Camille owes you. The World owes you.

My inspiration was this picture. I bet this was the inspiration for a lot of women.

And, in case any of you are feeling a bit squeamish that Camille is a missionary and that maybe so much manliness would be a distraction, I've made him a pair of pants:

That was Katie's idea. Seriously, my family - so clever and funny.


Gina said...

Holy Cow. This is the best stocking ever. I laughed when I saw the Dwight stocking, but this.....I can't stop laughing.

Thanks for the cheery spot in an otherwise freezing cold day. :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Seriously Brilliant!

Liz the Poet said... know my birthday is coming up in I would LOVE for you to make me a stocking of some kind.

I would keep it up all year round, as an homage to your greatness!

Andrea said...

Leave it to the Queen of the Universe!

Ms. Liz said...

I'm still giggling! How magically amazing. I can't even imagine her hysterics when she sees that the pants are removable. I would fall appart. Slam dunk my friend.

Amanda said...

better than I could have imagined!

Laura said...

Are the pants removable? And my next question...are you making stocking for the rest of the family too?

jessica said...

Rachel - you are definitely a crafty genius! And I'm sure if you did quit your job to make stockings, people would be knocking down your door to buy them! So great!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! My whole office is laughing hysterically. You know how your cheeks start to hurt from smiling so big? Well, I have that!