Monday, December 17, 2007

Our hearts will go on

I was going to tell you all about the move this weekend, how Dad and a few fellas from church did all the heavy lifting, and Mom did my laundry, and Liz beautifully arranged our living room ("Where will be put the ottoman?! It won't fit!! Despair, despair!" "Why don't you just switch the couches?" Genius!), and Laura organized my felt in rainbow colors AND arranged my books by my very neurotic specifications (children, adult, churchy, compilations, poetry, special books. All alphabetized by author.), and Katie bought me chocolate Hostess donettes, because what would a move be without donettes (answer: unbearable.). Thanks to all the lovely people who got me out and in by going up and down those many, many, many, many flights of stairs. Oy, the stairs!

But those details will have to wait because I read the following in the newspaper this morning and it needs to be shared with the world:
LAS VEGAS — For the final performance of “A New Day,” Celine
Dion’s show at Caesars Palace here last weekend, M J Wylie, 49, a
health-care consultant from Denver, decided to go formal. She wore a
floor-length black gown and a sparkly white shawl; around her neck was a silver
pendant in the shape of the show’s first logo, an elongated figure of a woman.
Inside her $3,400 Judith Leiber clutch, bought at the gift shop adjacent to the
theater and also bedazzled with the logo, were several autographed photos of Ms.
Dion with Ms. Wylie. It was an undeniably elegant ensemble; the only problem,
Ms. Wylie said, was that her dress hid her commemorative “New Day” tattoo.

If you read the article you will learn that she has seen the show 62 times and has estimates that she has spend $15,000 to $20,000 on her Celine habit.

Maybe it's because I don't think that Celine Dion would be any fun to see in Vegas unless she were 80 and dressed in a sparkly muu-muu but this is just so crazy and wonderful to me. I am baffled that someone would be so obsessed but I love, love, love that there are people like this in the world.

Like my co-worker's daughter who has Janine Garofalo tattooed on her leg. This is true dedication.


Andrea said...

I'm glad everything went well with the move. If I were there I would have helped too, and helped myself to a donette!

I'm not a Celine fan so I just can't imagine someone going crazy like that. But like you, I too love that there are people like that in the world. It makes me seem a little more normal.

The UnMighty said...

Celine has made her crazy all right. And not in a good way; but rather, in the "after-she-moves-out-of-her-house-remodelers-will-find-dead-bodies-stuffed-into-random-crawl-spaces" sort of way.

Amanda said...

why, oh why would anyone tatoo themselves with pictures of anyone, especially someone they don't know. Janine Garofalo? Really? That is about the strangest thing I have ever heard. I think even weirder than the Celine 'New Day' tatoo. In 10 years she could make up a reason why she has the words on her body. Maybe she was going through a difficult time and found a new day of hope and started a fresh path to a better place. But no one is going to be able to explain away a Janine tatoo!