Friday, December 21, 2007


What's that? How many more links on my Post-it Note chain? None! That's right! I have no more links! (click heels, pump fist, whoo-hoo!) Angels are singing and the Christmas Blue Bird of Happiness is in my heart. In honor of this wonderful occasion I have composed a song (sung to Joy to the World. Imagine me singing gustily, with made up tap dance moves and lots of shimmying and jazz hands. As if there is any other way to imagine me.)

No more links on my Post-it chain
I cut the last one off!
At 3 o'clock today
I'm going to run away
And put my pjs on
And put my pjs on
And put and put my pjs on!

To add another layer of joy to this wonderful day I would like to share that the Knecht girls have once again choreographed another fantastic routine for the Knecht Family Christmas Extraveganza on Saturday night. Grandma Knecht loved having a talent portion of the Christmas party and it has traditionally been Gina on the piano and a few of us singing some Christmas songs. But about 4 years ago we decided to step it up and add costumes and choreography and now it's BIG BIG BIG! We have to out-do ourselves every year. It's tough but we always manage to pull it off. I can't give anything away but I will say that it may include some of the following moves: intense leaps, very difficult spins, a fountain, and a lift.

Joy to the World!


Liz the Poet said...

I almost became incontinent when I sang your song. Seriously.

I'm stuck in my office with the dreaded Christmas potluck outside my door. (But, I won't complain about it here seeing as I already did on my post today.)

Also, I DO hope you're planning on giving us the full run-down of your Christmas performance, eventually. With pictures? Possibly video?

Laura said...

I second the video suggestion!!! Or at the very least, an encore performance some time in the future?

Amanda said...

Video is the only acceptable option. Some of us are far away and will have to wait a long time for a reunion of all the Knecht girls. SO...I suggest video and posting the routine to your blog!
I'll be waiting.

Gina said...

Well let me just say that once again, we rocked the house. It was awesome. Rachel made tutus for us and we were the Julliard School of Ballet rejects. It was awesome and when you see the video you will wish that you had been there.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Anonymous said...

LOL please tell me you added some shake to the left, shake to the right and falling to your knees with a cry of "HOOOOOOORRRRRNNNN!!!"