Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Year in Review...So what if it's a little late. Deal with it!

Because I'm a hopeless band wagon jumper I have decided to do a year in review. And because my brain has about the same memory capacity as cardboard and I can't remember my phone number, let alone what I did in January, this should be pretty fun. Let's begin:

January - Um, I don't remember much about January. See, I told you. Oh, wait, Casey left for Brazil.
February - February is pretty much a blank. I think I may have probably gone to work.
March - Benjamin Spence Knecht, Golden Child, Blessed Nephew, Winston Churchill Impersonator, Heir to the Knecht Family Silver was born. Everything else pales in comparison. Things that would have come in first had I not become an aunt would have been going to my first ever pro-tennis tournament. Super fun! And getting the new beautiful mattress that cradles me to sleep every night. I love you mattress! Let's get married!
April - Did April even happen this year?
May - Camille left for Ohio.
June - Gina and Chris were married. The World rejoiced!
July - All I can remember from this month is that I spent a lot of time picking up poo produced by a little retarded dog named Maynard.
August - Happy Birthday to me!
September - The Dodgers didn't make the play-offs
October - My knee locked. I wanted to die. Serioulsy. The pain. I'm feeling nauseated again. On to...
November - Had three days off in a row, the first since spring break. Hey wait! Spring break was in April. It did happen.
December - Moved in with Katie. She does not leave open cans of tuna on the kitchen counter for days. She's perfect!
Yep, that was pretty exciting. Happy 2008!


Laura said...

Open cans of tuna on the counter for days? Really? I haven't heard this one yet. It's making me gag just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

We had Olive Garden somewhere in there... was it last week or 65 years ago?