Friday, July 24, 2009

I don't have the Fever

Happy Pioneer Day everyone!

I was thinking of telling Chiquita that today is a very special religious holiday and that I would like to have it off so I could commemorate the pioneer trek by trekking to the beach. I even have a bonnet to wear! But I opted against it because, well, I have a feeling that sort of thing gets you on the wrong side of eternal happiness. So I trekked to work this morning instead. Without my bonnet, because I got a new haircut last night and it is shorter than a pioneer woman would have it.

Much shorter. Like, the only way a pioneer woman would have such short hair is if she had the Fever and had to cut if all off because it was sucking all of her strength.

I'm practically bald.

Okay, that's a lie. I still have plenty of hair. But what isn't a lie is that I have about 3 strands of hair long enough to fit into a ponytail.

That may also be a lie. It's more like 10.

Because what you may not be able to tell from this picture is that Sarah layered and thinned it for like 18 hours last night. She's a master at it. We come from a family with very large heads and lots of hair and layering and thinning is the only thing that keeps us out of the Home for the Tragic and Ugly.

I'm coming around to it. At times I think it's kind of kicky and sassy and fun. And then there are moments when I think it makes my head look fat. Or my nose look enormous. Or it shoves my eyebrows about an inch closer to my eyes. The real test will be tomorrow when I wash it and the tumbleweed sets in. There will not be pictures of that. But you can have another one from today.

Because how better to celebrate Pioneer Day then with fish lips.


Andrea said...

LOVE it!

Peeveme said...

It's really cute!

Nunazuna said...

You are so hot sista! I have a funny story. So I had an ultrasound the other day and the baby's head is 22 cm in diameter! The length of the baby is only 15 cm! I was thinking, "DANG!" That's a big ol head! Then I thought of your family! hehe :) If she's as cute as you guys, I'll love her to death!

Gina said...

Way cute! Que guapa!

Bronwyn James said...

Kicky and sassy is right! I love it!

The Katzbox said...

It's way cute. I'm coveting that you have

1. a large head (I wear baseball caps from the children's section-it's embarrassing-its like my mom prayed for an easy birth and the heavens said, "no problema" and ZAP-they shrunk my bean)

2. that you have a lot of hair. (I have 12)

"kicky" and "sassy" are fun words.

Rach said...

Super cute. You always have super cute hair. And it really is kicky and sassy.