Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1st Annual Archery Tournament

It was a typical Memorial Day in that I slept in and ate a lot of boysenberry ice cream.  I read In Flanders Fields and cried my eyes out the night before during the Memorial Day Concert (does anyone else watch this, the one on PBS?  And if so, why?  WHY?!! It's so horrible and awful and beautiful.) I hung out with the fam and lounged and enjoyed Leisure Reading Time. 

But it was atypical in that we had the 1st Annual Knecht Family Memorial Day Archery Tournament. And I won. If you ever need bales of hay shot at close range, I'm your gal.


Laura said...

Do we have any pictures of this event? PLEASE say there are pictures!!!

sarahgurl said...

I sang an arrangement of Flanders fields at Mt sac that was beyond words. There are several arrangements out there but this was incredible. Rather depressing actually;-)

Rach said...

Nicely done, Merida!