Thursday, May 9, 2013

Deep Fried Party

A while back Isi, Britton, and I were having a serious discussion in my office at the Institute.  Isi was getting married and mentioned that he put a deep fryer on his wedding registry.  We immediately started brainstorming about all the things we could batter and fry. It was a productive and enlightening use of time.

Isi has since gotten married and received the deep fryer and yesterday he brought it in. 
Let the frying commence!
First we tried double stuffed Oreos.
Yum! The cookie got all gooey. Don't let Britton's face fool you. It was delish.

Then we fried snickers. A crowd favorite. And we loved them so much and they were gone so fast we didn't even take any pictures.
And then we got down to some serious business.  In the original discussion we came up with our Million Dollar Idea:  Hot Cheetos funnel cake covered in nacho cheese.  What?!
They crushed up the Cheetos.

And I mixed it in the batter.  And it looked like...vomit.

And the batter was too thick to drizzle so we made fritters instead.
They tasted interesting.  Not bad.  But not really great either. We decided we needed more Cheetos and a thinner batter.  And better nacho cheese (the kind they got was kind of gross.) I still believe! And you gotta start somewhere on your road to a million.
Have I mentioned I love my job?
Also, how June Cleaver am I in this picture?  If only I had worn my pearls.


Stacy said...

Sounds fun. You know I love Hot Cheetos.

P.S. you are looking really thin in this picture. Way to go!

Rach said...

Yum. I love love love fried everything. I'm seriously considering buying myself a FryDaddy. The fried Snickers would be top on my list. I haven't ever tried any, and they seem like such a good idea. And you do look fabulous.