Monday, May 20, 2013

A game for Geography Nerds

Have you discovered GeoGuessr? It's this game where you're shown a picture from Google Earth and you have to guess where it's at.  You can scan around and look for clues, like road signs in Russian or cars driving on the left side of the street, but sometimes it's just a mountain setting and you have to figure out if they're in Switzerland or Canada or New Zealand or Chile or wherever they have tall mountains with snow on them.  Some places are really easy, like the one with a sign that said, "23 miles to Erie, PA."  But others are super tough.  Like the one that had both pine trees and palm trees. And sometimes you're just lucky.  I saw a picture and guessed Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was.  I was within 5 miles of the spot.  It's incredibly fun.

I know you may be shocked to learn that I not only support but love something that is spelled incorrectly on purpose - I have a pretty firm rule on this - except that I'm kind of addicted.  So my standards have fallen a little.  And if you're going to ask which I love more, proper grammar or geography games, I'm going to choose geography almost every time.

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Taylor Family said...

I just spent the last 30 minutes playing this and it felt like 5. Thanks for sharing!