Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nacho Table

Katie was partially in charge of putting on a carnival for the kids at church this weekend and she recruited me and Camille to help out with snacks.  We stationed ourselves at the nacho table, where we discovered how truly amazing it is to work a nacho table because 1.)  unlimited nachos and 2.) when you run low on cheese in your bowl you just scoop in some more -- same with the chips.  What makes nacho cheese so incredible?  It's not even close to resembling food and yet I would drink it by the gallon.

Next to the nacho table was the cotton candy table. I think I surprised the lady running in when I, in all seriousness, said to her, "It has been a life-long dream of mine to make cotton candy.  Can I please try it?" Because it totally has been.  Ever since I went to a school carnival in the 4th grade and saw how cotton candy was made I have wanted to work the machine.  I mean, you just swirl this paper cone around a giant metal bowl and cotton candy MAGICALLY APPEARS ON IT!  I didn't want to push my case because she seemed kind of hesitant (which, come on!  Did I not just tell you it was my dream?!) But I think I convinced her of my steady hand and personal responsibility and halfway through the night she finally let me.  And I'm happy to report that I'm a natural at it.  She even said so.  I made a beautiful and fluffy cone of cotton candy.  And then ate it all.  And then had more nachos. So, basically, it was a perfect night.

Dear Wealthy Benefactor:

Hi.  How've you been?  I hope you're doing well.  I've added a few items to the things you can purchase for me when you finally show up.

1.  Slurpee machine
2.  Golf cart
3.  Hot tub
4.  Industrial size (not the personal size you can buy at Walmart) cotton candy machine
5.  Nacho cheese fountain to go next to the chocolate fountain I've already requested.
6.  Adult-sized Big Wheel.

One day I will write an ode to your generous spirit, but until then...

Hugs and Kisses, Rachel


Bob said...

Made me think of this ....

Rach said...

That list is perfect. I've always wanted to try spinning cotton candy, too. It looks like magic.