Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I knew I should have stayed on the couch

Guess what happened last week.  I hurt my foot...FROM JOGGING!  Is this some kind of joke?  I was on the treadmill, lumbering along, arms flailing, everything else bouncing, feeling fine.  And then I stepped off the treadmill and it felt like I'd stepped on a hot coal.  A really sharp hot coal.  And it only got worse once I was home.  And even worse when I took my shoe off.  I always knew running was for dopes. And now I've learned my lesson.  It's nothing but sitting on the couch and eating cheese for me.

Except that I've turned into one of those people who wants to work out.  (Okay, "wants" is relative.  Let's say I want to work out more than I want this big butt. But how did this happen?  I really like cheese and couches!)  My foot actually feels a lot better and I've gone back to the gym but I'm going to stay away from the treadmill for awhile.  And the elliptical kind of aggravates it after 30 minutes.  So I've had to resort to the stair climber.  And oh, how I hate the stair climber.  I want to die every time I'm on it.  You cannot imagine the sweat that that thing produces.  And the pain.  And the wheezing.  I'm like an 80 year old smoker on that thing. Also, I think it hates me because after 10 minutes of significant climbing and wheezing it says that I've only burned 36 calories. Dumb stair climber.


Valerie said...

When I was at BYU-I, there was this guy who came to the gym every night and did the stair climber for a full hour. Like, full force, for an hour. He would grab six or so towels and just circle them around the machine and just pour sweat for a FULL HOUR. You will be unsurprised to hear that he had little to know body fat. My friend Shiloh talked to him once and said he was really nice, but I don't really believe her. Anyone who exhibits that kind of abnormal behavior could never be "nice".

Also, burn-y pain in the foot doesn't sound good. Things ought not to burn. But, I always say that if it doesn't hurt WHILE you run, you're golden.

Please keep in mind I'm not a "medical" "doctor".

Unknown said...

I so miss you. Come up here and I'll take you for a walk ;) and end at a yogurt shop

Unknown said...

I so miss you. Come up here and I'll take you for a walk ;) and end at a yogurt shop

Anonymous said...

Dear me, and even the elliptical aggravates it? Sometimes I think parts of our bodies are like teenagers faking an ailment to get out of PE.