Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art Society Week

It was Art Society Week.  And I do mean week.  Official meetings were held Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Because (big, heavy, weepy sigh) they moved this morning.

Well, they're in Utah for the summer and then will come back but won't live right across the street anymore.  And I'm not happy about it at all.  I've mentioned before how I'm in a super big fight with Utah right now because so many of my most favorite people live there.  It just got even bigger.  Seriously Utah!  You're the worst!

Their parents needed to pack up their entire place so Katie and I took the kids whenever we could.  All four of them.  We spent a lot of time coloring and painting and watching movies (and also looking at the covers of all the Harry Potter movies because they're not allowed to watch them yet but are obsessed with the books) and going for walks and soaking our feet in the hot tub and we made pizza and ice cream and pancakes with strawberries and I tried not to weep into their hair as we snuggled on the couch.

Ugh, I'm going to miss them. Thanks Heather & Rich for letting me a part of your lives.  Don't stay in (dumb) Utah forever!


Anonymous said...

Utah is dumb. Sorry this is the best I could do...

Rach said...

Utah is only dumb because you don't live here, Rachel. I mean it. I'm seriously considering taking up residence in So. Cal. for the winter months on a yearly basis so I don't have to endure another super crap winter, and also so I can go to sing-alongs with you. But then I'll have to come back to Utah during spring and summer, because I'd shrivel up and die without my mountains. (It's a miracle I lived for 3 whole years in the deep south.) I'm sorry your art kiddos left you. We'll do some coloring when you're here in August.