Monday, June 10, 2013

An afternoon of shopping

Things that make me look like my body has been put on top of two brown and serve sausage links: 

1.  Skinny jeans
2.  Brightly colored skinny jeans
3.  Brightly colored stretchy jeans
4.  Cuffed skinny jeans
5.  Cuffs of any kind
6.  Any form of capri/pedal pusher/cropped pants
7.  Shorts
8.  Genetics

1 comment:

Rach said...

Clearly I'm way behind on blog reading. And commenting. But, as a short, short-waisted woman, amen to the whole list. Skinny jeans shouldn't even exist. Also, goucho pants, kuhlahts (sp?), and anything that hits mid-calf. Sadly, I own some capris that hit there, because my ankles get too hot. I hate clothes shopping. Except for skirts. They are forgiving and come in many colors and lengths, unlike jeans, which tend to stick to stupid trends. That is all.