Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thanks Newsies

This trip to New York City started as a joke.  A few months ago at the usual Sunday night dinner Camille said, "I think we need to go to New York to see Newsies."  (Because if you were a girl growing up in the 90s you loved Newsies.) And we all laughed and planned out our imaginary itinerary. Imaginary because we're not the type to just fly to New York to see a musical.

So on Friday night as we were walking into the theater to see Newsies I turned to Camille and said, "Remember that night?" And we had a good laugh. It grew from a joke into a grand reality in a relatively short amount of time.

I'll give you the highlights with pictures soon (miracle:  I found my camera charger the night before we left) but for now I'll just tell you that from the moment we all got there to the time that we all left we did nothing but laugh. We saw amazing things and ate the best food (I fell in love with a  bowl of rice pudding.) and climbed a million subway stairs and were asked by a dozen people if we were sisters because we sure look like sisters and isn't it great that we all get along so well (Do people not get along with their sisters?  This is a mystery to me.) We played Where's Waldo in Grand Central Station.  We prancersized in Central Park. We had dance parties in every elevator. We ordered bagels at a very Soup Nazi type place and lived to tell. (You can imagine the number of Seinfeld references that were made on this trip.) It was basically a dream trip with my favorite people. My sisters are kind of the best.

More details soon.

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