Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The camera came to us!

Notables from the Dodger game:

1.  We won.  Oh, what a relief.  And it was a great end.  This kid who was just called up and played his very first major league game got on base a few times and threw a rocket from the warning track to get the final out. Can you imagine?  I mean, you live your life working to get into the major leagues and suddenly you're there and you're killing it.  I bet he called his mom.

2.  We brought Angela, who is both a hilarious friend and a Dodger fan.  You can't beat that.

3.  You know how we always get on the Jumbo-tron?  We were really dedicated to the cause because we wanted it for Angela. But the usual camera guy was not having it.  He wouldn't look our way no matter how much we waved and danced and shimmied.  So around the fifth inning we were trying once again to get his attention when we hear someone say behind us, "You're looking in the wrong direction," and we turn around and there's a camera guy with a camera right in our faces and a second later we were up on the big screen.  You guys, the camera came to us! We've taken this to a whole new level. How can we even top that?

4.  A beach ball landed in Camille's lap.  She was paralyzed with fear.  We have a very strict rule of never touching beach balls because it cannot end well.  You either hit it back to the crowd and they continue to be ridiculous with it, or you hit it over the ledge to the level below and they throw pop corn at your head.  It's a lose-lose.  She managed to scuttle it back a bit and lived to tell the tale.

5. We took this picture with our beloved Sid:



Andrea said...

That picture with Sid? Priceless.

Gina said...

Sid for president. Love him! And..for commenting, I expect you to buy me an ice cream cone when we're in CA.

sarahgurl said...

Camille is taking me to my first ever baseball game in June. I'm so excited! What makes it better is we are taking my 8 year old who has played baseball for 4 years and hasn't been to a game either! YAAAAY! He watched that clip 10 times!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine the Camille "paralyzed with fear" face.