Friday, June 14, 2013

Notebook Emergency!


I went to pick up a new notebook at Barnes and Noble and it wasn't there.  So I checked online and THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED IT!!!!! 


I get that being passionate about a notebook is kind of a weird thing, but when you write in them as much as I do you develop some preferences.  And this particular notebook had them all.  ALL!! And now it's gone. Wo to me!

For starters, it was perfectly bound with nice thick double rings that never bent out of shape. It had a sturdy black cover that simply said, "Notebook" with nary a pastel chevron or woodland creature on it (I like both pastel chevrons and woodland creatures, just not on notebooks).  The pages were thick so you could write on both sides and the ink wouldn't show through (I also have a pen preference:  the Pilot G2 .07).  And there were plenty of pages.  Enough to last me through a whole year of seminary.  But the really perfect thing about it was it's size.  It was big enough to put a lot down on one page but not so big that you couldn't stuff it in a bag, maybe 6x8.

If I had known they were going to end it all I would have bought 100 to last me a lifetime.

I'm deputizing all of you now.  If you see a notebook that meets my requirements please let me know.  I will buy dozens of them and then with the rest of my funds will erect a modest and tasteful statue in your honor.

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Rach said...

I totally understand the frustration of something wonderful being discontinued. (Don't get me started on the new covers for the Georgia books. It happened before she'd even finished writing the last book, and now I have an unmatching set. Not cool.) I'll get started on a search for the perfect notebook for you.