Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Summer, Another Sing Along

I celebrated the Summer Solstice by doing my favorite summer thing:  I went to a sing along. 

The theme was Pop Divas, which means that there was a lot of belting.  I mean, A LOT.  Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, we sang them all.  And we were killing it. We seriously put on a show.  I was too busy assuming the power stance and singing my guts out to notice but someone said that at one point half the crowd was watching us because we were so into it.  Look, if you're not going to throw your whole self into "Hero" then you may as well just stay home.  We ended with Bohemian Rhapsody (was there a bigger diva than Freddie Mercury?  No.) and I've decided that every sing along needs to end with that.  It was FUUUUUUN.

Some highlights:

This old guy, Bob, was sitting next to me and for about 15 minutes did nothing but tell me Irish drinking jokes.  Oh, Bob.  Well, first he started the conversation by telling me about how after he retired from working for the government he started looking for work and realized that acting seemed to be his best option.  So he got his SAG card and became an extra.  He's been in about 50 movies.  What a character. But ugh, the jokes. Also, he won one of the prizes.  It was his very first time there.  I've been to like a million of these and have never one.  Whatever, Bob. Enjoy your dumb free dinner at the fancy restaurant.

Remember Mock Turtleneck Guy?  He was back and wearing a blue mock turtleneck.  Seriously.  This guy is amazing.  And also, he is my new best friend.  After the show he and his wife walked by me and he stopped and said, "You girls are so much fun.  I hope you come to the next one." And I mentioned that we come to all of them and he said, "We know.  We see you all the time."  And then we chatted for a while and now I'm this much closer to figuring out why he only owns one (outdated) style of shirt. BFFs can know these things, right?

Also in the above link you will recall the Nickel Diner, our favorite downtown joint.  We went again and are still very much impressed.  The server remembered us from last August ("Hey, it's the singers!"), the owner also remembered us and chatted for a bit.  And they had my new favorite dessert:  Oaxacan chocolate bread pudding.  I don't know what they put in it but I wanted to nestle my face in it and tell it all of my deepest secrets.


Rach said...

That is the kind of sing-along I only dream about going to. The only sing-along I've ever been to is the Messiah. Clearly I need to move to California.

Anonymous said...

I swear it feels like I just read your birthday sing along blog from last year, this is disconcerting.