Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old Timey Ice Cream

Camille has been posting pictures of her everyday life over on her blog.  They're quite good. 

She posted this picture of the family ice cream maker:

This is Old Faithful.  My parents got it for their wedding almost 41 years ago.  And it works like a champ. That's the motor on top which is attached to a large paddle inside the canister. The canister goes inside the bucket and you surround it with ice and rock salt.  This is old timey ice cream makin'.  We should hire a hipster with a waxed mustache to come work it for us.
A few times each summer we bring it out and make boysenberry ice cream.  We've tried other flavors when the berries haven't been so bountiful but boysenberry is our favorite.  My dad is traditionally in charge of manning the machine.  Someone has to keep adding ice and salt and make sure the lid stays on so salt water doesn't get inside.  It's a delicate process.  I did it once and I was a little nervous about ruining the whole thing.  Our happiness depends on it!
I know that there are newfangled machines out there that aren't so labor intensive.  But, much like our old popcorn pot, there's some sort of magic to it.  It just makes better ice cream.
Side note:  Don't you love the wood pile and wheelbarrow in the background?  It makes us look like homesteaders

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