Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a Wonderful Town

My most favorite thing about this trip (obviously) was being with all of my sisters.  We're just really, really fun.  In relation to that, I love how we interact with people.  We talk to everyone.  We smile and say hi to every security guard, every waiter, every subway booth operator, every stranger on the subway.  Everyone is a friend.  And everything is exciting and fun.  We're like Buddy the Elf times five.
So here's my guide:
How to do New York City right with your 4 sisters
1.  There's a lot of you, but stay in one hotel room.  Because you'll laugh more.

We walked so much that first day we decided to soak our feet in the tub.  Shortly after this picture was taken there was a tub mishap and I nearly peed my pants from laughing so much. And I didn't even see it happen.  I just heard it. 
2.  Eat everything.  I'm not kidding.  If something looks good, stop and get it.  Look, there are so many subway steps to climb that you'll need the calories.
3.  But most importantly (and I'm very, very serious about this because I love you and want nothing but your happiness so I'm going to put it in bold caps) EAT RICE PUDDING AT RICE TO RICHES.  I don't know how I heard of this place but I did and it sounded awesome.  Not that I go nuts over rice pudding in general but I love a novelty food store.  So we went after lunch in Little Italy and sweet land of liberty it was hands down the Best Thing I Ate the Whole Trip.
They have all these hilarious signs up about how diets are dumb and people who tell you to eat healthy hate you.  But this was the funniest.


We got chocolate hazelnut, butterscotch, and coconut.  Gah.  The coconut was my fave but we started mixing the three and entered Nirvana. They'll ship you 40 oz. for $65.  Maybe worth it.

 4.  Maybe it will be raining a lot and you're soaked through because you brought your dumb tiny travel umbrella and the two items you really wanted at that bakery you schlepped all the way down to were sold out (although you got others that were divine and the chef was kind of a fox).  And maybe you think it will be a bit of a bummer, like I did, so you're not really looking forward to it.  But try out the 9/11 memorial.  It was, no surprise, moving.
5.  Do not pay what they ask at the Met. Because what they ask is $25.  Per person.  To look at art.  Um, no.  So they're going to ask you to pay the $25 but, surprise, it's actually free.  That's just the recommended donation.  So we sent Gina up because she knows how to get things done and when they said, "That will be $125," she said, "I have $10." And then they gave her the old side-eye but took it anyway.  Don't be bullied!  Art is for everyone!!
My favorite Degas!

6. Go to the Highline.  It is lovely.  And surprising.  And relaxing.  And peaceful in a very hectic city.  And I had the Second Best Thing I Ate there. (The Mess.  A brisket sandwich with some kind of oniony business from Smokeline.)
7.  Skip the Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.  The real action is in the Hot Fudge Sundae.  Our friend Kelsie clued us in before we left claiming that it was crack fudge and she was not kidding.  For the first time in my life I wished for less ice cream in the bowl and more fudge. Also, make a reservation.  We walked right in while others were waiting outside in the rain.
For crying out loud, Serendipity.  I could barely lift that menu.
I'm not saying the frozen hot chocolate was bad, I'm just saying you'll want to marry the hot fudge sundae.
8.  Newsies is highly entertaining.  They changed the story line a bit and the end was kind of anticlimactic and the guy playing Jack Kelly was doing Christopher Walkin as Jack Kelly (So...we're...maybe...carrying the...banner?) but it was so much fun!  Loads of dancing, and the changes they made were actually really good. 
9.  Other things you might enjoy.  The tram to Roosevelt Island (I saw it on ANTM.  Thanks, Tyra!), the Wonder Wheel on Coney Island, Books of Wonder and the coconut cream donut from Donut Plant (Thanks, Val for those recommendations.) Chelsea Market where we did not see Bobby Flay but did eat really good food (of course we did).
And now, more pictures.
Is there anything better than a dessert display?
I love subway stop tiles.
We saw a William Eggleston photography exhibit at the Met that was astounding.  This was my favorite quote of his.
There was a mobile skate truck in Central Park that was playing music and renting skates, like it's 1985 and you're about to break your arm at SkateWay.
The rain gave me Hitler Bangs.  Camille (telling me a really juicy secret?) mercifully gave me a bobby pin and saved the day.
We came across this old church and cemetery.  Alexander Hamilton is buried there. Notice that this slab is coming off.  Creepy!
Sisters on the Brooklyn Bridge!
Sisters in Central Park!


Camille said...

Okay a few comments:
a) it looks like I'm slitting my throat in the bathtub picture. I swear it was a lazy thumbs up.
b) I can't stop thinking about rice to riches. I'm almost to the point of shipping myself some.
c) Why the confused faces? Was it the saxophone man??
d) I love us! Great post!!

The Anderson's said...

Love your blogs but this one especially. You guys were so close and yet so far. What a wonderful adventure. Love all of you Knechts.

Andrea said...

That looked like such a fun trip. I have always wanted to go to New York, and to go with the Knecht sisters? That would be the ultimate!

Wendy said...

This makes me want to take off somewhere with my own two sisters. No one can understand you like a sister, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind taking a couple of weeks next year off and showing me all those places?

Stephanie said...

Seriously one of the funnest posts you have ever done! So cool to see all of you having so much fun - you did New York the right way.

Heidi said...

SO who fell in the tub...the stinky feet tub...I need to know?

Rach said...

Amazing, all of it. There was a place called Pudding on the Rice in Orem for a little while that went out of business, and I thought that was cool, but now I know there's a place even better. Anything with signs ripping on diets and encouraging you to eat desserts is okay by me. The confusion picture is priceless. I'm guessing that no one in the world would be able to have as much fun in NYC as the Knecht sisters together. Thanks for walking us through it.