Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Call in the detective!

Summer has offered me a bounty of free time and I've been using some of it to catch up on the enormous DVR list.  Lately it's been Masterpiece Mystery.  Specifically Inspector Lewis.  He's a cranky detective in Oxford and his partner is a former priest and they solve crimes usually involving murdered academics. I crochet doilies when I watch them.  I'm 80!

So I've been watching a lot of them which may account for how I ended up searching for footprints this morning.  I got to work and went about unlocking things and noticed that 1.)  the game room door was closed but it was open last night when I left, 2.) the front gate has been pushed against the lock, and 3.) the metal curtain on the outdoor fireplace was rumpled. Suspicious!

A few theories:  1.)  A homeless person jumped the gate and slept in the fireplace (it's large enough.)  But, there were no footprints on the very dusty hearth. Likelihood:  low.  2.)  Hoodlums were trying to break in.  Likelihood:  high.  Hoodlums abound in these parts.  3.)  Ninjas. Likelihood:  Nil.  It would explain the lack of footprints but they're not so shoddy as to leave the gate, the curtain, and the door in such a state. 4.) Wizards.  Maybe we're in some kind of Order of the Phoenix, 12 Grimmauld Place (I had to look that address up.  I'm not that obsessed.) situation.  Likelihood:  See Ninjas.  5.) Someone did pull on the gate, possibly a distraught student over the place being closed (it's summer!  Get a life!), the curtain was always like that and I'm just not that observant, and that giant cockroach I saw the other day was playing some air hockey with his buddies and shut the door when they were done.

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Rach said...

Ooh, I love mysteries! If I'm reading about them in a book. My question is, were you super creeped out? I would have run for the hills.