Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can someone teach me how to juggle?

My parents took me to the circus last night.  How adorable is that?  And also...


I'm serious.  How can we make this happen? I'm not that great with animals and I'm not big into doing high wire stunts and I'm afraid that clown makeup would make me break out.  But maybe I could help out back stage?  Sewing on sequins or securing trapeze rigging?  I'm kind of handy. Oh, who am I kidding.  I totally want to be in the circus.  I'll start practicing my juggling routine right away.

Wouldn't it just be fascinating to live that kind of life? There was a documentary on PBS about circus life and it was amazing - all about these people from all over the world who mostly have grown up in circus families and have developed acts of their own.  They get hired on for a season and they travel around from town to town and their kids come along with them and get to play with lions.  And did you know that they still travel by train?  Well, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus does.  You get to be with the circus and travel the US in a train!!  Ugh. This needs to be my life!

And how come I had no idea that the circus was so much fun?  I mean, I wasn't surprised because I think everything is fun.  I am easily entertained and amazed.  But I know loads of people who've been and do you know what I've heard a lot of?  "Oh, the circus is alright." I'm not hanging out with those people anymore.  This is a line in the sand. Because the circus is amazing.

There are guys playing basket ball on unicycles:

And tigers forming a kick line

And tightrope walkers

And a woman was shot out of a cannon

Dancing poodles!

Elephant conga line!

There was also a cool trampoline act, some acrobats, lots of clowns, a few aerialists, and a mediocre trapeze team that did one impressive trick.  It would have been a perfect night if I had been able to find some freshly spun cotton candy but they were only selling it in bags.  I have my standards.

To sum up:  the circus is my new favorite thing.


Andrea said...

We saw that same circus when they came to Phoenix a few weeks ago! We took a couple of my nephews, and for days after the 4 yr old would not stop talking about the lady that was a bullet. We assumed he met the lady that was shot from the cannon. I didn't think I'd like the circus but I had a blast (no pun intended).

Allison Ware said...

I have NEVER commented on anyone's blog, ever. So please know how passionate I am about this. I HATE the circus!! The fam and I went to Circus Vargas and it was so ghetto! The guy taking your picture and trying to sell it back to you in 5 seconds is now on the trapeze and the chick trying to sell you lemonade is now doing some crazy stunt and now has changed her shirt and is back at selling drinks-awkward. The cyclists in the motorcycle ball crashed into each other and one guy had to keep riding at the top until the ambulance arrived or he would've been severely injured-very stressful and hard to explain to the 5 & 7 year old who are almost in tears. THE WORST!! The fam ended up going to Ringling Bros & said it was awesome. They were obviously not as traumatized as I was from the first experience. If join the circus, just make sure you join the right one :)

Rach said...

I love the circus! We went to a tiny circus, and it was small potatoes, so we were never sure if those high wire guys were going to make it. They even had a motorcycle cage like in the Al movie, but they had 4 bikes in there at once instead of just the one. Then they all crashed. It was awesome. We will be going to the circus again as soon as it comes back. I'm glad you got to go to the circus. And you and I can run off to the circus together. There's got to be an act we can do together.

Mariah said...

Jealous! In NZ the circus only has dogs that push prams and people who do equestrian acts. If you're lucky you get Shetland ponies and clowns.

Even our zoo's don't have elephants because of animal cruelty. (Just googled it. There's one. One! At the other end of the country.)