Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phone, races, crepes, running

1.  I caved today and got a smart phone.  I already feel maybe too connected.  When I went into the store to check it out the guy was first astounded that I didn't have one and then really, really astounded at how little I use my phone.  "Well you only have 600 minutes on your...oh, I see that you only used 34 minutes last month."  That's right!  But I see the benefit of having that kind of technology and was planning on buying one this summer anyway.  And there was no better time than now because...

2.  The youth in my ward are doing a mini Amazing Race this weekend and I'm on the team.  I'll be a driver and we'll be going all over Southern California and I'm kind of super excited about it. I only know certain places we'll be stopping but for the most part I'll be participating in figuring out the clues and getting us all there.  I bought really good snacks for my car. And, of course, I have my secret weapon, Ruby St. Germaine, fallen lounge singer, scorned woman, cup holder inhabitant. You know I'm going to make every kid who gets in my car take a picture with her.  And she will be accompanying us at every road block. This could be just what she needs to get her out of this funk.

3.  Katie, Heather, and I went out last night for dinner because Heather is moving to Utah (I'm not kidding Utah, I'm going to toilet paper your front yard if you don't stop taking every person I love away.)  We started out at Honolulu Harry's and when we were done there and kind of wanting dessert we went to Le Creperie. It is not a bad evening when you start out with sweet potato stacks and end with a crème brulee crepe.

4.  On the flip side of gluttony, for the first time maybe ever I ran for 5 solid minutes.  Okay, typing that looks kind of lame but you have to remember who we're dealing with.  Against my better judgment, and truly, against the laws of physics, I have convinced myself to run. But it's HARD.  I still feel really awkward and I can't get enough air into my lungs and my legs are comically short so I run at a speed that most people would describe as a leisurely stroll but from my point of view I'm really hustling, in a lumbering sort of way. And, I know that you're all super fit and can run 30 miles without passing out but that has never been me.  Ever.  But tonight it was me for 5 whole minutes.  And I wasn't even gasping when I was done.  It feels like a victory.


Cynde said...

Welcome to smartphone land. It is meh, but you do get to look up stuff online when you can't remember who sings "that" song or if you are looking for a good place for dessert and you want to be adventurous. And, way to go, Rachel, on the running! Everyone who runs has had to start at the beginning and we have all felt awkward. It is part of being a runner. And, um, I am pretty sure I will be feeling the same way when I start training again. P.S. 5 minutes is a good amount of time to run. Give yourself a standing ovation! Wonder Woman!

Valerie said...

I'm still going strong on the non-smart phone front (I'll check my email from my phone when I'm dead, okay, Apple!), but I did start an instagram account on James's phone which is slightly weird but very fun. Please open one.

Also, here's the thing about running: none of us (5 minutes or 30 miles) are going to the Olympics anytime soon, so a small victory IS your victory. C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!

Rach said...

First of all, welcome to Smart Phone Land. Do NOT, and I repeat NOT, get Candy Crush. It's more addictive than chocolate. Do you hear me? My house is a giant mess because I was stuck on level 110 for 4 days.

Secondly, how cool is your ward? Super cool. That's how cool. I'm looking forward to reading a post about the Amazing Race experience.


You can run 4 1/2 minutes longer than I can. I salute you. Also, I remember having a discussion about running with you a long long time ago at the track in the Smith Field House, and that led to the discussion on the fold-away boobs. It's stuck with me.

Mariah said...

Go Rachel! Running is super hard. You're doing great. My trick whenever I would try to run was to think how much I hated running when I would go. Amazingly, that helped. I didn't have to like it, I could hate it and still do it. That and run a pole walk a pole.

Also, Rach (fellow commenter), I've been stuck on Level 147 for about two weeks. Seriously. Maybe longer. What's a girl got to do! So yeah, don't download it Rachel! If you thought "the internet" was a time-suck, meet "the internet"s Mama "Candy". Oh the calling/talents/relationships I could have magnified, the house I could have cleaned... Wo is me. (First world problems!)

Anonymous said...

Which phone did you get? And no one will come to Le Creperie with me, can we go there on our next date?