Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Toss your cares and curls away

Camille posted this picture on her blog from our trip to New York:

And when I saw it I thought, "Hey, I have that shirt," and then, "Holy Cats! That's me," followed by, "When did my hair get that long?!" and then, "I have to cut it immediately!" Because that hair does not belong on me.  It's lovely, but it is not my hair.
So it's gone.  I chopped it today.  It just barely brushes the tops of my shoulders. Is there anything more liberating than cutting a bunch of your hair off? It feels so great. Hair cuts for everyone!
Let's hear what Millie has to say about it. (Note, I did not go that short.  I wish, but it is a losing battle against fine hair and cowlicks. I've tried.)


Rach said...

Your long locks were gorgeous. But I totally get the liberation that comes with chopping the hair off. (Remember the great butchering of post-boyfriend Rac's long hair in 1997? Good times.) And now I want to watch Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful women who has ever lived!! Julie Andrews is also cute.